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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

Once Hart takes the stage before a sold-out MSG crowd, he wastes no time getting personal. His search for happiness, his divorce, his DUI, his hideous feet -- no topic is off limits as he offers a unique blend of blunt observational humor and patent absurdity. True, his topics aren't always the most original -- angry black women, unreliable friends, and the foibles of marriage have all been standup fodder since the first comic stood before a faux-brick wall -- but Hart's physicality and unique perspective go a long way in adding some freshness to these overly familiar targets. He also has a knack for bringing a joke full circle when appropriate, as evidenced in a bit concerning his clueless best friend, though in that instance in particular his repeated use of "help me!" begins to feel like a strained bid to launch a new catchphrase. Hart's greatest strength as a standup comic, meanwhile, is pacing his own material. Gradually drifting from the personal issues that http://www.yogashanti.kz/content/has-kim-kardashian-made-intercourse-tape-fame open the act, he begins to hit his stride around the halfway mark. At this point all bets are off, and whether reminiscing about a bizarre experience on Ecstasy, his fear of bums' hands, the perils of brawling with a "stimulated" foe, or his overprotective bodyguards, Hart smartly saves his most outrageous material for read this the final push.
Full story: http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-critic-reviews/kevin-hart-let-me-explain/

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